“Steel Framing” Housing Technology

About us

Ossidal Housing LTD was formed by a team of professionals with different background and experience in specific fields like logistics and the consctruction of harbours and hospitals.

Our team of professionals, starting from what is commonly known as “cold roll-formed steel framing”, dramatically improved this technology to create a new construction system to build warehouses and hospital facilities in a more accurate, faster and cost-effective way.

Ossidal Housing was created to meet the growing demand for housing units, coming in recent years mainly from emerging foreign countries, after having studied and developed an innovative system for the construction of buildings with steel load-bearing structure according to the technology known as “Steel framing “which features optimal seismic resistance, thermal and fire-proof, easy and quick installation to meet a wide range of different requirements at reasonable prices.

In fact this technology that guarantees maximum ac curacy in the production of the elements and places no limit to architectural creativity, allows to assemble the structures quickly and easily thus dramatically reducing installation times on site and therefore overall costs thanks to the simplicity of the assembly operations and the light weight of the structures with which it is possible to optimize the working teams.

Steel not being combustible protects against the risk of fire, while the conductivity provides a direct route to the ground in case of lightning, reducing the possibility of injury and explosion. The particular structural profile allows the insertion of the best and most suitable insulation materials, limiting the transmission of heat through the walls, to the benefit of energy saving and respect for the environment.
The particular structural profile allows the insertion of the best and most suitable insulation materials, limiting the transmission of heat through the walls, to the benefit of energy saving and respect for the environment. The building of houses is carried out in a branch with wider spaces for storage of raw materials and for the deposit of semi-finished materials.

The Project

Our project involves the building of houses of different size, usually composed of: an hall with access from the veranda (porch), one living room with a kitchen area consists of a piece of furniture including stove and sink, two bedrooms and one bathroom supplied with hydraulic shielding, wc, sink and shower fixtures, built on one or two levels.

Our Mission

Our mission is a market penetration in the field of social houses for developing world. Indeed, it is well-known the growing need of low-cost houses for a big segment of worldwide population. For this reason we are certain that the demand of social houses is intended to rise in the coming years.



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